December 3, 1915: 3869 Travel on Elevator in Day By Actual Count.

Cage Makes 488 Trips in 17 Hours, Total of 16 Miles

Over Hundred Thousand Gallons of Water Used in Day

Heaviest Traffic is in Second Shift, or from 2:30 to 11 P. M.


oc.elevatorBy actual count 2869 persons rode on the new Seventh street elevator Saturday from 6 o’clock in the morning to 11 o’clock that night.


That number is within a thousand of the total population of Oregon City, according to the last federal census. It exceeds by many hundreds the estimates of the most enthusiastic supporters of the big municipal lift. Even at 5:30 o’clock, when the count had reached 2500, J. F. Albright, chairman of the council elevator committee, said that he expected the figure would not go over 3500.


Interesting totals can be worked out from the figures secured Saturday. The cage made 488 trips to the top of the shaft and back. The cage covers a distance of 90 feet in each trip, or during the day over 16 miles.


Two hundred and forty gallons of water are used in each round trip, or during the 17 hours the elevator was operated 117, 120 gallons of water were used.


Two men operate the elevator, the one works on the first shift quitting at 2:30 o’clock. The figures show that during the second shift the greater number of people patronized the elevator. Up to 2:30 o’clock 1524 had made the trip, or about eight hundred less than traveled in the municipal hoist in the second shift.


Many rode twice and scores four, five or six times. Business men, laborers from the mills, school children, housewives and visitors to the town all use and appreciate the elevator. The steps are almost deserted during the time it runs and many are willing to go several blocks out of their way to ride in the new lift.


Pupils in the schools, it has been found, climb the steps in order to ride one way in the elevator, both going from ad going to school.


Oregon City Enterprise, Friday December 3, 1915

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