December 6-12, The News

The Oregon Argus, December 8, 1860 (advertisement first run Aug. 11, 1860)

Justice! Justice!

Old Abe is bound to be the next President of the United States, and W. P. Burns has bee appointed Justice of the Peace for Oregon City precinct, in order to prevent a collapse of the Union. All official business entrusted to his care will be promptly attended to. Office at Republican headquarters, first door north of A. Holbrook’s law office, where he will be found when not employed in better business at his

Wagon Shop,

one door south of the Post Office, where he would be glad to do justice to your old wagons, or supply you with new ones, as good as the best, and as cheap as the cheapest. Cash taken in exchange for work.



The Enterprise, December 11, 1890


At a regular meeting of the city council on December 3d, T. F. Ryan and T. P. Randall made application for a street railway and elevator franchise. It is their intention, if the franchise is granted, to commence at their earliest opportunity the erection of three elevators to the summit of the bluff, to be run by a hydraulic cable. They expect, if they meet with no preventative, to have the elevators in operation by early summer, or not later than the middle of July. They will then commence the construction of a street railway, to accommodate the principal streets from the cliff to Canemah, and from the cliff back to the cemetery.

(Thomas F. Ryan was mayor of Oregon City, May 1890 to May 1891. He ran for reelection but was defeated by T. W. Sullivan and no further mention of the elevator/street-railway project appears after the election.)


Oregon City Courier, December 6, 1895

THE CANTATA, “Queen Esther” AT SHIVELY OPERA HOUSE, December 13th and 15th

This beautiful cantata now under the able and careful training of Prof. F. K. Hepburn, at last will be presented to this community with the aid of local talent. The music is sparkling and the costumes of Jews and Persians beautiful, especially ordered for this production. A grand chorus of 40 voices, 20 children and an orchestra of six musicians. Grand oriental march. The beautiful vocalists and favorites, Mrs. W. P. Hawley and Mrs. E. E. Charman as the Queen and Jeriah, the great character roles. Mrs. J. P. Gray and Mrs. A. S. Dresser, well-known in their accomplishments, as the Prophetess and Mordecai’s sister. Mrs. E. S. White will introduce a number from the creation and other well-trained voices for minor parts. Mr. V. Harris, the basso, as the king. Mr. C. Miller, the silver-toned baritone, as “Haman.” Mr. W. A. Askin,, the Portland favorite tenor, as Mordecai and the well known basso profundo Mr. H. Bestow, as the high priest, including other minor parts. This without doubt promises to place before the public a performance never witnessed before. Admission 35 cents, children 25 cents. Reserved seats. On sale now at Huntley’s book store, Shiveley’s store. No extra charge for reserved seats.


Oregon City Enterprise, December 7, 1900



Everyone is in danger who neglects the warnings of declining health. The warnings of declining health. The warnings are not as startling as the sudden shriek of a locomotive, but they are just as ominous. When the body begins to lose in flesh, when the cheek is hollow and the skin sallow it is Nature’s warning that the body is failing of proper nourishment. It is a condition of “weak” stomach, and “weak” stomach soon involves other organs. Dr. Pierce’s Golden Medical Discovery cures diseases of the stomach and other organs of digestion and nutrition, and cures through the stomach diseases seemingly remote, but which have their origin in the disease of the stomach and its allied organs.

There is no alcohol in the “Discovery” and it is absolutely free from opium, cocaine, and all other narcotics.

(Ingredients from the National Museum of American History: pure water, borate of soda, golden seal root, queen’s root, stone root, black cherrybark, bloodroot, mandrake root, glycerine)


Oregon City Courier, December 8, 1905

Boys Arrested for playing Havoc With Story’s Chickens

Guy Elliott, Herman Howard,, Melvin Priebe, Albert Estes and Walter Elliott were arrested Saturday by Chief of Police Burns, upon complaint of George L. Story, who alleges the boys have been committing depredations around his premises on Ninth and Pierce Streets. The official language of the complaint accused the boys of disorderly conduct, but Mr. Story said that he caught them in the act of enticing one of his valuable chickens from the yard and chasing after the fowl with the help of a dog. Mr. Story has a poultry farm and took more prizes at the Lewis and Clark Fair, than any other single exhibitor, and he takes great pride in the safety and well keeping of his fowls. The boys were brought before Recorder Dimick and examination showed that proof was lacking and they were discharged.


suspension bridge

Suspension Bridge in the early 1900’s. Huntley Brothers postcard.

Oregon City Enterprise, December 10, 1920


The country court has changed the hours for the closing of the suspension bridge to vehicle traffic as follows: 8:00 to 9:00 o’clock in the morning and from 4:00 to 5:00 o’clock in the afternoon. This will be in effect until further notice, as the suspension bridge is in a weakened condition. The court also ruled that not more than 2 ½ tons will be allowed upon the bridge at one time.


It is rumored that protest will be offered to the city council at its next meeting in regard to the dirty condition of Main Street. Several business men allege that a number of auto accidents have occurred during the past few days on account of the slippery condition of the main business thoroughfare and that mud and slime in some places is over an inch deep.

The city ordinance regarding the cleaning of the street provides that one man shall be employed at $120 per month, and two men at $90 per month, to wash and clean up Main Street when needed, and that the latter two men are under the supervision of the mayor.


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