December 20 – 26, The News

Oregon Spectator, December 24, 1846


All person who have unsettle accounts with the undersigned, are requested to make settlement by the 15th of January next; a failure to comply with this notice, will make them acquainted with William Holmes. S. W. Moss, Oregon City, Dec. 22, 1846 (referring to Sheriff William L. Holmes)

Captain N. M. Howison, U. S. N., has presented the colors of the late U. S. Schr. Shark to the Territory. The letter of presentation was appropriately answered by Gov. Abernethy. We have now, therefore, a beautiful emblem of our country’s glory, whose folds we will fling out to the breeze on brave days.

27starThe USS Shark sank at the mouth of the Columbia River on September 8, 1846 as it was headed back out to sea. As the ship had arrived in the Territory in July 1846, when the 28-star flag was first authorized after the admission of Texas, the USS Shark most likely flew the 27-star flag that was in use from July 1845- July 1846.


Oregon Spectator, December 26, 1850

Notice is hereby given,

That I will apply to the honorable probate court of Clackamas county, to keep a Ferry from opposite Lot No. 7, Block No. 2, Oregon City, on the Willamette River, to the Ferry Landing on the opposite side of the river.


(First placed Sept. 19, 1850 – spelling is as it appears in the advertisement. Location was on Water Street between 3rd and 4th Streets on current mill property)


Doctor Barclay is happy to announce to the public, that he has made arrangements to extend his business by opening a DRUGGIST STORE, which will be kept by a competent person, while he attends to his Professional duties. Oregon City, December 19, 1850


The Weekly Enterprise, December 23, 1870


A Handbook for Figure Skating, George H. Browne, A. M., Cambridge Skating Club, New England Skating Association, 1900



For the past week the weather has been remarkably cold for Oregon. The indications at present that the river from this place north will be closed up, though it is yet free to navigation, before the cold weather will “let up.” The river is closed below Portland.


Our friend Biles, the man who everybody in Oregon knows as the cheerful obliging purser on the Alert, met with a sad accident on the ice this week. He was skating and fell and another person ran on him, cutting a painful gash in his head with the skate.


A man was picked up one day this week on the hill nearly frozen to death. It appears that he left town in an intoxicated condition and it is supposed that he fell out of his wagon. Had persons not seen him, he would have been on his last drunk for this world, as he would have frozen stiff before morning.


The skating excitement has been very high during the past week, and the young folks and some of the older, have had a great deal of fun, and some black eyes, bruised faces, &c., as a reward for their industry.


Oregon Courier, December 20, 1895

Burmeister & Andresen have just received from Germany a large invoice of chinaware, each piece having an Oregon City scene burned on it. There are six different views, representing all the points of interest, which makes them valuable for presents.


The team of the Oregon City Athletic Club has been practicing assiduously for several weeks and its members and supporters are confident of victory.

Each member of the team fully realizes the strength of Co. F’s team and that they must put forth their greatest efforts to win, but as to the ultimate result they have no fear.

The team is under the management of Mr. F. T. Griffith and is composed of an exceptionally fine lot of men. The position and weight of the different players will be as follows:

  • Center: Newton, 238
  • Left Guard: Sommer, 194
  • Right Guard: Hankins, 165
  • Left Tackle: F. Brown, 164
  • Right Tackle: Reckner, 165
  • Left End: F. Hedges, 150
  • Right End: B. Greenman, 151
  • Quarter Back: Pope, 138
  • Left Back: C. Moore, 150
  • Left Back: C. Brown, 155
  • Right Back: W. Parker, 140
  • Full Back: J. Church, 185
  • Substitutes: Salisbury and Norris

The game will be called at 1:30 p.m. on Christmas Day at Gladstone Park, and the halves will be thirty-five minutes each. Admission, including transportation to and from the grounds will be 25 cents. Tickets may be had at Charman’s Drug store and Huntley’s book store or from members of the team.

Co. F will line up their football team on Xmas as follows:

  • Center: J. U. Campbell, 185
  • Right Guard: F. S. Kelly, 195
  • Left Guard: E. M. Rands, 165
  • Right Tackle: E. A. Smith, 155
  • Left Tackle: H. E. Jones, 165
  • Right End: Maxwell Telford, 158
  • Left End: J. P. Keating, 150
  • Quarter Back: Beo. McBride, 150
  • Right Half Back: Ross Spercer, 145
  • Left Half Back: Frank McCausland, 160
  • Full Back: Leighton Kelly, 150

J. U. Campbell* at center is doing great and although much lighter than Newton will give him plenty to do.

Kelly and Rands are playing their positions in good style. Rands having played at Forest Grove is a big help to the team.

Smith and Jones though light are hard and gritty and will keep their opponents busy.

Keating and Telford at ends are both good runners and tacklers.

McBride is playing quarter in good style though handicapped, as he cannot practice with the team very often.

Spence and McCausland at halves are showing good form and training faithfully and will no doubt render a good account of themselves on the great day.

Kelly will captain the team at full.

The militia boys are looking forward to a hard battle with odds strongly against them, but still are hopeful.

Oregon Courier, December 27, 1895


Football game, 1901, Gladstone Chautauqua grounds. Gladstone Historical Society


The football game on Christmas Day at Gladstone resulted in a victory for the athletic club boys with a a score of 12 to 0. The ground was very muddy, being partially covered with about a foot of water. The game was well contested and no scoring was done in the first half but in the last half the athletic boys made 12 points. The best work was done by Pope, Parker, Church and Somers. J. P. Lovett acted as referee, Nello Johnson was umpire, F. W. Greenman lineman and J. E. Hedges timekeeper. Notwithstanding the bad weather some 500 people witnessed the game. Numerous horn constantly rent the air. The colors of the militia boys were orange and white and of the others purple and white.

*J. U. (James Ulysses) Campbell (1866-1937) served in the Oregon National Guard and during the Spanish-American war served as a member of the Second Oregon United States Volunteers. He served in the legislature 1907-1908. In 1909 he was appointed as a judge in the fifth judicial district and served as the judge in Clackamas County until his election to the Oregon Supreme Court in 1930. He served as the Chief Justice of the Oregon Supreme Court 1935-1936.

Many of the other players on the two teams went on the serve as members of the Oregon City City Council.


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