February Foot Ball 1896

Oregon City Enterprise, February 14, 1896

The meeting of the literary society was called to order as usual by the president on Saturday evening last. The question for discussion was, Resolved, That football as played today, should be prohibited? The question was very equally discussed. The judges rendered their verdict in favor of the affirmative.

Oregon City Enterprise, February 21, 1896

C. G. Huntley, the druggist, has an innovation in the line of window decorations this week, the creation of Linn Jones, which attracts as much attention as the “Hayseed” band did. While it is used as an advertisement for “Frog in the Throat,” the frogs do double duty, serving as characters in the football games to be played between the boys of the Barclay and Eastham schools on Washington’s birthday.

Oregon Courier, February 28, 1896

Saturday’s Game

Barclay School mailed 1909 C

Barclay School 1909

The Barclay Boys Won at Foot Ball and Were Presented With a Fine Silk Flag by Dr. Carll.

The long anticipated football match between the respective teams of the Barclay and Eastham schools took place last Saturday at Gladstone Park and was witnessed by a larger crowd than has ever appeared at any previous athletic contest here. The blue and white of the Eastham school and the red and white of the Barclay school were everywhere in evidence, and the enthusiasm of the small boys with horns was shared by young and old alike. One warm admirer of the Eastham team expressed his enthusiasm by making the circuit of the ground several times, beating a large drum and followed by boys from both schools, cheering or hooting, according to the colors they wore. It was a scene which gave one some slight idea of the excitement and abandon at the big games at Springfield and New Haven.

Sympathy seemed to be evenly divided between the teams, the Barclay being the favorite perhaps, because that school had been the alma mater of many of the spectators, and also because the Barclay team were handicapped by the loss of their captain Ralph Cross, who was too sick to play with them.

Eastham (Eastman) School mailed 1909 C

Eastham School 1909

The game was called promptly at 2 o’clock, and the Eastham team winning the toss up, chose the eastern goal, the Barclay’s having the kick off with the western goal to defend. Bradley kicked the ball well down the field to the Eastham 20-yard line where it was secured and brought back to their 25 yard line and there downed for the first scrimmage. Brownell was sent around the right end, and by skillful dodging and interference got through the Barclay eleven, and went down the field for a gain of about 35 yards and a touch down. It was the prettiest play of the day and stands to Brownell’s credit as one of the biggest gains ever made on the gridiron on this coast. They failed to kick a goal and the game stood 4 to 0 in favor of the Eastham. Barclays returned the ball again in the Eastham 25-yard line and made short gains around the end and through center to their 50 yard line. At this point the Barclay team got the ball on a fumble, and by repeated end plays by Bradley and Gregerson, took the ball down to their opponents’ 10 yard line when Bradley was sent around the left end for a touchdown. Barclays failed to kick a goal, thus tying the score, and the result was the same, at the end of the first half, which closed shorty after, the Eastham boys having the ball on Barclays’ 20 yard line.

The Eastham men had the kick off in the second half, and Barclay returned the ball by a series of end and line plays in which Gregerson, Bradley and Burns played star parts, to the Eastham 5 yard line. Gregerson was then sent across the line, securing the second touch down for the Barclay men, who again failed to kick the goal. The ball was then taken to the center and put into play again by the Eastham team and returned by Barclays to the 30 yard line where they lost it on downs. Then both teams settled down to good hard football, the Easthams forcing their way towards the Barclay goal by only a few feet at a time and the Barclays stubbornly contesting every inch of the ground. Meldrum was repeatedly sent through the center, and when time was called the Easthams were within a few feet of the coveted goal line. The score then stood 8 to 4 in favor of the Barclay team, thus giving them the game. The features of the day were Brownell’s brilliant run and his splendid interference and tackling, Meldrum’s and Burns’ line bucking, and Gregorson and Bradley’s end plays. But it must not be forgotten that if the other men of both teams had not played their parts as well, though less conspicuously, these star plays would never have been made. Each man deserves great praise for his individual playing, but the teams cannot be too highly applauded for the fair and square game they put up. There was no instance of slugging, fouling or even the squabbling between players which ordinarily characterizes a football game. Both teams united in giving their school yells, and in cheering Dr. Carll, who presented to the Barclay team a handsome silk flag he had promised to give the winners. But the game being so closely and stubbornly contested, he has promised the Eastham team a flag of the same kind.

One feature of the game which has hitherto been unknown in football annals, was the fact that two of the young men who have been most prominent in coaching the Eastham team during the past month, appeared on the field in the respective positions of lineman and time-keeper.

The position and weight of the two teams are given below. So much had been said about the Barclay team being heavier, and such a gross exaggeration appeared in last Sunday’s Oregonian, stating the latter team would average 10 pounds to a man heavier than the Eastham eleven, that Leighton Kelly, coacher of the Barclay men had both teams with the result that the total weight of the Eastham team exceeded that of the Barclay by 13 pounds.


Chester Caufield, C……………168
Waldo Adams, R. G. …….…140
Joe Beauliau, L. G……………..148
Carl Joehnk, R. T……………….135
F. Armstrong, L. T………………141
George McCausland, R. E…..149
Ben Gregorson, L. E…………..145
George Case, Q. B……………..122
W. Bradley, R. H………………..135
C. Deboy, L. H…………………..129
Charlie Burns, F. B. (Cap)……136
Total: ……………………………..1548


H. Austin, C………………………157
B. Austin, R. G………………….145
Guy Clarke, L. G……………….153
Edgar Meresse, R. T…………..128
Carl Church, L. T……………….163
G. Crisswell, R. E………………139
C. Ramsby, L. E. (Cap)……….147
G. Shaw, Q. B…………………….125
C. Swafford, R. H……………….133
Howard Brownell, L. H……….123
Thompson Meldrum, F. B……148

Umpire, Dr. E. Sommer. Referee, J. P. Lovett. Lineman, Chas. Pope. Time-keeper, Will Parker.

On Saturday evening Assessor J. C. Bradley and Sheriff E. C. Maddock gave the winners an oyster supper at the Portland restaurant.

On Monday evening the teachers gave a banquet at the Electric hotel to members of the two teams.

Recorder S. M. Ramsby and Judge J. W. Meldrum gave the Eastham boys an oyster supper on Wednesday evening.

The yells were as follows: “Kenny Gerah, Gerah, Gezume, Barclay High School, Zip Rah Boom,” and “Rah, Rah, Rah, Zip Boom Mah, Eastham High Schoo, Rah, Rah, Rah.”


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