News of the Week – Memorial Day

Oregon City Enterprise, May 22, 1896

There are many people in Oregon City who would like to visit the cemetery between now and Memorial Day, but the distance is so great they cannot stand the walk. Heretofore livery hire has been so high that few could afford to hire a rig, but Young, at the old Cooke stables has decided to let the poor as well as the rich ride and until after Memorial Day will give special rates for rigs to go to the cemetery or for passengers. He has a number of the finest rigs in the city, either single, double or triple seated and his horses are all good travelers and gentle. Call up telephone No. 42 and make your arrangements or call at the stables.

Oregon City Courier, June 5, 1896

d91d6270855b1b85a597d9194f6b99b1Memorial Services at Schools – A score of Grand Army and Relief Corps representatives, and a half dozen militiamen visited the public school last Friday afternoon for brief memorial services. Mrs. Geo. A. Harding spoke for the Relief Corps and Comrades J. T. Apperson, O. A. Cheney and Thomson for the Grand Army at the Barclay school, and Apperson and Douchy at the Eastham school. Lieutenant L. L. Pickens, of Company F, gave an instructive talk at each of the two schools, and Superintendent S. W. Holmes at the Barclay, and Principal L. W. McAdams, at the Eastham school, make appropriate remarks. The children sang songs and made the occasion interesting as well as profitable. St. John’s school had memorial day exercises last Wednesday afternoon, which were attended by a score of the members of the G. A. R. and Relief Corps, by special invitation. The children presented a programme of essays, recitations and music suited to the occasion. The Rev. Father Hillebrand gave a short address of welcome to the Grand Army visitors, and responses were made by Mrs. Geo. A. Harding, president of the Relief Corps, and by Comrades Apperson, Dauchy, Moore and Grider.

Decoration Day – Memorial Day observance on Saturday was under the direction of Meade Post,, G. A. R. In the morning the children of the Park Place school and St. John’s parochial school gathered at Pope’s Hall and listened to addresses by the Rev. Father Hillebrand and Principal J. W. Gray. The procession formed and marched on Main Street, passing up Seventh Street and out to the cemetery. There Corwin Shank delivered a fine oration. As the roll of honor was called, the bugle sounded taps after each name. The weather was perfect, and a large number of people were present at the cemetery, and the graves generally were decked with flowers.

Oregon City Enterprise, May 25, 1906

Memorial Day Exercises to Be Held at Oregon City.

818726cea4e1d9a3bf378eca2b621330At a meeting held Wednesday afternoon of the committee appointed from Meade Post, G. A. R., and the women’s Relief Corps, arrangements were completed for the annual Memorial Day exercises. Sunday morning, May 27, the members of the Post and the W. R. C., will meet at Willamette Hall at 10 o’clock and proceed to St. Paul’s Episcopal church at 11 o’clock when the Rev. P. K. Hammond will deliver a sermon.

Next Wednesday, Decoration Day, the usual column, headed by the Milwaukie Band, will be formed on Main Street, under the direction of Grand Marshall Frederick J. Nelson, assisted by Mort Cockrell, chief of staff and E. L. McFarland and Frank McArthur, buglers. Proceeding to the suspension bridge flowers will be strewn on the Willamette river in honor of the sailor dead, after which the line of March will be resumed to Shively’s opera house where the following program will be carried out:

Selection: Milwaukie Band; Prayer: Rev. J. Robert Landsborough; Remarks, by Franklin T. Griffith, President of the Day; Address, Ritual, Comrade Robert Kelland; Vocal Solo, Miss Iva Roake; “Our Army of the Dead,” Comrade Samuel Grant; Selection, Quartette – Miss Estella Niles, Miss Iva Roake, Mr. R. E. Woodward and Mr. H. E. Van Wey; Oration, Rev. E. S. Bollinger; Taps.

Following the exercises at the opera house the procession will be reformed and after arriving at the cemetery the exercises will be as follows:

Dirge, Band; Address, Ritual, Robert Kelland, Commander; Address, Ritual, E. T. Grider, Chaplain; Crowning Monument, Jas. F. Nelson, Officer of the Day; Response, “Our Unknown Dead”, Rev. H. B. Robins;  “Lincoln’s Address at Gettysburg”, Chas. Robinson; Ceremonies, Meade Relief Corps No. 18; Prayer, Ritual, Chaplain; Calling Roll of Honor, L. W. Ingram, Adjutant; Taps, E. L. McFarland, Bugler; Decoration of Graves, Comrades

The pupils of the public schools have been invited and will take part in the exercises of the day. Delegations from Meade Grand Army Post and the Women’s Relief Corps will visit the schools as follows: Thursday, May 24, Eastham School at 2 p.m., and the St. John’s Parochial School at 3 p.m.; Friday, May 25, Canemah at 10 a.m.; Parkplace at 2 p.m.; Monday, May 28, Willamette Falls at 10 a.m.; West Oregon City at 2 p.m.

Oregon City Courier, June 1, 1916

Winsch-Decoration-Day-Postcard-Memorial-Day-GARHEROES OF WARS ARE REMEMBERED
School Children Are Active in Memorial Day Exercises Here
Flowers Cast Upon Waters
Old Soldiers March in Parades and Conduct Patriotic Ceremonies

Patriotic interest was at a high pitch in Oregon City and other parts of the county on Memorial Day, Tuesday. In this city old and young combined to fittingly perpetuate the memories of the thousands of soldier dead, and, especially of those once brave lads who fought for their country’s honor and terminated their worthy lives within this county. Banks, stores, public and private offices and the schools were closed during the day and large numbers of people visited the several burial places about the county.

In Oregon City the school children combined with the G. A. R. and the Women’s Relief Crops and Company G, Oregon National Guard, to make the day one to be remembered for the patriotic interest that was manifested. In the morning at the regular school hour children assembled at the Barclay school and, escorted by a corps of veterans, marched to the McLoughlin Institute, where their ranks were increased by the addition of the pupils of the institute. This body marched to Willamette hall and heard patriotic addresses by Superintendent F. J. Tooze and Father Hillebrand, headmaster of the McLoughlin Institute.

Following the program at Willamette hall the children and their escorts marched to Mountain View cemetery where the following interesting program was held:

Music, Drum Corps; prayer, Rev. R. A. Stockwell; crowning monument, Officer of the Day; Unknown Dead, Rev. T. J. Williams; Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, Fred J. Tooze, Jr.; Ritualistic Ceremonies of Meade Relief Corps No. 18; Taps.

Each one in the long line of marchers carried a bouquet of pretty blossoms, which were distributed on the graves of the soldier dead in the Mountain View burial ground. A great many flowers were collected by the pupils and by members of the Meade Relief Corps, and the graves at Mountain View were bowers of floral beauty when the morning ceremonies had been concluded.

A pretty tribute was paid to the memories of the sailor boys who made history for the United States in the wars into which the naval forces have been called, when the relief corps, accompanied by Beache’s boys’ band, marched to the suspension bridge and cast flowers upon the waters of the Willamette. If only the fragrance of the flowers finds its way to the waters of the Pacific it will grace the world’s greatest grave, where many thousands have found their final resting place and where the headstone of memory reads with a simple line of honor.

The ceremonies of the day were concluded at a largely attended meeting at two o’clock in the afternoon held at the high school auditorium. The old soldiers, the relief corps, school children, Company G, O.N.G., and the boys’ band attended the exercises at the high school and combined to render the feature program of the day.

The following program was rendered at the high school:

Music, Oregon State Veteran Drum Corps; Introduction, Commander A. F. Stokes; invocation, Rev. J. K. Hawkins; adjutant’s report: “Star Spangles Banner”, Mrs. Imogen Harding Brodie; remarks, Mayor E. C. Hackett, president of the day; address, Comrade M. L. Pratt; patriotic exercises of Oregon City schools, under direction of Superintendent Tooze, as follows: orchestra, high school, song, “Flag of Nations,” Eastham school; recitation, “A Brotherhood of Heroes,” Velma Randall; patriotic song (selected) Misses Naomi and Eschol Armstrong; recitation, “The Bivouac,” Eunice King; recitation, “Driving Home the Cows,” Sammy McClarty; patriotic song, “Cheer Old Glory,” Eastham school; recitation, “Memorial Day,” Frances Bowland; vocal music, Barclay school; “The Star Spangled Banner,”, pantomime Carrie Cunningham, Alice Linzer, Monta Tobin; orchestra, high school; taps, Mrs. Imogen Harding Brodie.


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