News of the Week, December 24 to December 30

Oregon Argus, December 26, 1857

The Cold Water Army had a jolly time of it at the Congregational Church. We hear that their “Christmas Tree” was a splendid affair. Mr. Hatch deserves much credit for his exertions in getting up an interesting and profitable holiday treat for the children.

Oregon City Enterprise, December 27, 1877


At the Congregational, Episcopal and M. E. churches the customary Christmas trees, loaded with beautiful and suitable presents, for the children and old folks too.

At the Baptist Church a sociable was given, and a large number was in attendance.

The Wilton Troupe appeared at Pope’s Hall on Christmas Eve, and was greeted by a fair house.

Christmas night the elite of the city tripped the light fantastic at Prof. Halpruner’s dancing academy. It was a successful affair in every particular.

Oregon City Enterprise, Friday, December 24, 1897

1911 Library Park

7th Street Park before the library


The Electric Restaurant will make a specialty of Christmas dinner. Hours 2 to 6 o’clock. Why put the good housewife to all the work and worry of preparing that which can be purchased already prepared and perhaps for less actual cash.


Appropriate Christmas exercises will be held in the churches of the city, having special reference to the entertainment of children. At the…

  • BAPTIST CHURCH – A program of music, recitations, dialogues, exercises, etc., will be given Friday evening, after which the children will be given a surprise with Santa Claus as a grand finale.
  • CATHOLIC CHURCH – Three masses will be celebrated at the Catholic Church on Christmas Day. Low masses at 8 and 9 o’clock and high mass at 10:30. The sermon at 8 o’clock will be in German and the one at 10:30 in English. The Altar society will have the church appropriately decorated for the occasion.
  • CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH – The Sunday School of the Congregational Church will hold their Christmas services and tree on Friday evening. The tree will be free and parents and friends are invited to use it in making presents to their friends.
  • EPISCOPAL CHURCH – The children will be given a Christmas tree in the rectory Friday evening. The program will be interspersed with appropriate music, etc. On Christmas morning at 10:45 there will be special services in the church with a sermon by Dr. Williams. The church has been handsomely decorated for the occasion.
  • METHODIST CHURCH – A very unique program has been prepared for Friday evening, including an excellent program in which the children will have a leading part. Instead of the tree there will be a house and large chimney, down which Santa will make his appearance at the proper time.
  • PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH – The Presbyterian Sunday School will have a tree, with Santa Claus, preceded by a pleasing program of recitations, songs and dr4ills. The exercises will be held Friday evening.

Oregon City Enterprise, December 27, 1907

The last few days before Christmas trade was very brisk in Oregon City, and almost made up for the dull days earlier in the preceding week.

The Montour boarding house on Fourth Street has been quarantined because of the illness of Joseph Warner, who has smallpox. The case is a serious one. No other cases are returned.

The people quarantined at the Montour boarding house had a fairly good time Christmas, despite the limitations in their life at this time. They had a fine dinner and an dance in the evening.

Thieves effected an entrance into the home of Mr. and Mrs. Conlin, of the C. C. Store, Christmas eve, in their absence, and proceeded to ransack the house. Little of value was found to their taste and the loss was small.

Oregon City Enterprise, December 28, 1917


Oregon City had a quiet Christmas, but a very happy one. The big mills were closed, permitting 2,000 employees to spend the holiday with their families. Services were held Christmas morning at St. John’s Catholic Church and St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. Many family reunions were held in the city.

A happy gathering was at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Mulvey on Christmas eve, when a huge Christmas tree laden with gifts and brilliantly lighted, was the center of attraction. With the living room of the Mulvey home appropriately decorated for Christmas tide, and the lighted tree made a most attractive sight.

At the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Brodie was a family reunion on Christmas morning, where a Christmas tree was enjoyed, and later in the day dinner was served at the home of Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Harding. The rooms of the Brodie home were brightened with holiday decorations consisting of holly, ferns and evergreens and the Harding home was similarly decorated.

One of the first Christmas boxes to reach this city from our boys in France was for the family of Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Bigger, from Alfred Bigger, who is with the Eighteenth Engineers Railway. Among the contents was a handsome crepe automobile veil, beautifully embroidered, for Mrs. Bigger. Mr. Bigger states many of the boys are now receiving the Christmas boxes, that have been sent from this city, bringing great joy to the soldiers. The mails are eagerly looked forward to and during the past month have been more regular than heretofore while the boys have been stationed in France.

St Paul's 1930s

Interior St. Paul’s Church, 1930s


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