The news of Oregon City and the surrounding communities has been reported in local newspapers almost continuously since 1846.

The newspapers, and their editors, came and went over time, some for political reasons and others due to financial failure. Mastheads changed over time with mergers between existing publishers.

The Oregon Spectator was the first commercial newspaper published west of the Rocky Mountains. Printed in Oregon City, the paper began as an every other week, four-page publication on February 5, 1846. Later expanding to a weekly edition, the Oregon Spectator ceased publication in 1855.

Other local newspapers included:

The Argus: April 21, 1855- October 26, 1863

Oregon Statesman: Published in Oregon City, March 28, 1851 – June 1853. Founded by Asahel Bush, the Statesman moved its press to Salem after the state capitol was moved there.

Oregon City Courier: A. W. Cheney, editor.  May 1883 – September 16, 1898. Merged with the Oregon City Herald. 

Oregon City Herald: July 1893-September 1898.

Oregon City Courier-Herald: A. W. Cheney, editor. September 23, 1898 (Masthead included: COURIER, Vol. 16, No. 18 and HERALD, Vol. 6, No. 9) to October 31, 1902.

Oregon City Courier: November 7, 1902 edition published as 20th year, No. 26 – new editor dropped the “Herald” portion of name.


Merged with the Clackamas County Banner  July 1919. Editor C. W. Robey hired by the printing and bookbinding department of the Oregon City Enterprise which purchased the the Courier building at Eighth Street and Railroad Avenue.

Banner-Courier: Hal E. Hoss, manager. July 1919