Doing research on various historic subjects includes combing old newspapers for articles on the people and places I am interested in bringing back to life through blogs about their place in history.

And…it means that sometimes I get lost in the newspaper, reading the day’s news, seeing what Oregon City residents heard about major world events and their what their local impact might have been. And some days is includes scanning the days advertisements and the news of musical and dramatic presentations the locals will be seeing “this week”.  It is easy to get lost in the past.

This blog will feature news and other items from the newspapers in the public domain from 1846 through 1922. Thank you to the University of Oregon archives for your efforts in scanning and making these papers available online – gone are the days I had to sit for hours at the library reading through the microfilm to find a single article!

Come join me in the past!

Karin Morey


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Those Daring Young Men – The history of early aviation in Portland and the life of Louis T. Barin, Jr.


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